The Fear Of Black Men In America

I get so Angry when I read stuff like this… its sad and heartbreaking to know we live in a world this cruel and heartless because of the color of our skin…. I have a Son and this could be him…

CBS Atlanta

On PowerTalk with Lorraine Jacques-White we had two dynamic individuals Former Mayor Bill Campbell and Dr. R.L. White stop by the studio to join the controversial conversation on Blacks in American their opinions views and perspective on how blacks are viewed in today’s society. Will America’s Fear of Blacks Men Ever Go Away; and Why Black Men Don’t Trust The Police.

Powerful topic that got our audience and guest undivided attention was the devastating act of Ferrell, a 24-year-old former Florida A&M football player, who crashed his car early Saturday morning. After climbing out, he ran to a nearby home for help. The resident, a woman waiting for her husband, opened the door and—realizing it wasn’t him—closed it. She then called 911 to report a man trying to break into her home. Three officers arrived and found Ferrell about a block from the house. During the encounter, according…

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