School Segregation Persists, But Not In Louisville

This is a very interesting article, and a eye opener to me. Growing up in the rural south in Selma Alabama. I would like to feel that segregation is a thing of the past, but Im not naive to believe race issues do not still exist in America. As a mental health provider I strive to break down barriers for the African American people by opening their horizon by educating them and helping to break down walls and myths that have ruled their life.

Mindful Stew

If you’re a black public school student in Chicago, there’s a 70% chance you’re in an intensely segregated school (90%+ minority student body).  Similar trends occur for Latino students in Los Angeles.  Examine enrollments in many urban districts across the land and you’ll see similar trends suggesting that despite our country’s status as a melting pot, many of our public schools are more like one or two ingredient stews. 

chicago public school students

And according to The Civil Rights Project at UCLA, fifteen percent of black students and 14 percent of Latino students attend “apartheid schools” across the nation in which whites make up zero to 1 percent of the enrollment.  

There’s no law driving these numbers, but there is also little being done to remedy inequities, and The Washington Post’s Valerie Strausssums up the research: 

“Segregation in public schools has been linked to a number of problems that affect the…

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