My Future Husband


To my future husband…God is preparing you exactly for me and me for you , even as you read this. He is molding you and giving you everything you will need to be my Godly Mate,  and the covering that he has saved me for …until that day that He has already appointed for you to walk into my life as my  God-ordained husband. God is keeping me just for you.  You already know who I am…God is getting me ready to receive you, and give my life to you. I have no need or desire for any other man. I wait for you and I long for the day that our hearts will become as one.  I am waiting for that divine roadmap to you. I already hold the idea of us in my heart. Don’t settle…Wait on me…You are on your way to me. When you knock…I will open up my heart and let you in.


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