Angela Tuck: Bobby Smith Jr. Is Dead. Where Is The Outrage?

This is really sad… my prayers go out to his family!!!

CBS Atlanta

Bobby J. Smith Jr. is dead from a gunshot wound to the back. B.J., as he was known to friends, was a 21-year-old college senior at Tuskegee University. In the month before he died, he became the father of a son. Why aren’t people taking to the streets to protest his killing? Where are the shirts proclaiming “No justice; no peace?”

Bobby’s death hit close to home. My great-uncle graduated from Tuskegee in the 1930s. He learned a brick mason trade. My oldest daughter graduated from Tuskegee in 2006 with a degree in English. Its founder, Booker T. Washington rose from being a child born into to slavery to graduate from Hampton University in Virginia. He established Tuskegee Institute as an industrial college. His autobiography, “Up from Slavery,” is a classic work of literature. It details how one can rise from any situation and achieve greatness; with resolve and a…

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